To Boldly Recap: TNG 1×04 “Code of Honor”

Pour out a cold one! You assholes are gonna need it.
Pour out a cold one! You assholes are gonna need it.

This episode is a mess. It’s not as balls-out stupid like “The Naked Now”—it actually has a coherent plot with twist ending—but it’s a damn mess. You will see why.

Before we begin, let’s go over the TNG rules we established in the last recap:

  1. For every heartfelt and affecting moment in Data’s quest to be human, there’s way too many painfully awkward/unfunny ones.
  2. The competence of the Enterprise crew varies greatly depending on plot requirements.
  3. For a scifi show, some of this tech is dated as fuck.
  4. Wesley is the Gary-est Stu to ever Stu.
  5. Pop culture ended in 1987.
  6. Though TNG is a feminist show in many ways, it has some hella sexist moments.

Finally, if you’ve decided to watch TNG and follow along with my recaps, a) congrats on this excellent life decision b) beware potential spoilers, as I may occasionally comment on developments later in the series.

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